Alux - The Company

Our Company, Alux, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium windows and safety glass. Customer satisfaction is our key goal at Alux. We achieve optimum results for our customers through a combination of quality product concepts, organizational structures and business processes.  We employ highly experienced and motivated specialist staff dedicated to producing solutions worthy of being branded “Made in Germany”.

At Alux, we can meet any degree of market demand, even at short notice. We are organized to respond rapidly and maintain an extensive warehouse of window profiles within Germany. We care about environmental issues including the retrieval and treatment of packaging from our customers. We are committed to speed and reliability in the transfer of your goods. We are your responsible partner.

Alux is an innovative company with a vision of growth. For decades Alux has successfully followed this policy and has proven to be a reliable and flexible supplier to the shipping, commercial and rail vehicle industries.

A competent partner, with our own engineering department, tool shop and state-of-the-art environmentally friendly manufacturing facility, we can provide excellent internationally recognized testimonials.